Author: Mark "Spanky" Stewart

We have received some new inventory;

RUGER AR556, 16″ 5.56mm, 1/8, F/U sites, carbines mfg #08500;

RUGER American, 22″ BA, 308win, 4rd, black, rifle, mfg #06903

RUGER American, 22″, BA, 243win, 4rd, black, rifle, mfg#06904

Aero Precision, X15, multi-cal, Gen-2, stripped lower receivers, mfg #AR501101C

Spikes Tactical, ST15, multi-cal, “Gadsen D.T.O.M”, stripped lower receivers, mfg #STLS034.

Ammend2 & Magpul magazines for AR15, Glock 19/17, PSA Dagger, Wilson Combat magazines 8rd & 10rd for 1911s.

Various parts and components for PSA Dagger 9mm & Glock gen3/5.

Finally the contractors are finished working around the property, whew! We are back to normal business routine. Come see us and what we got, have a cup of coffee. Text message us, call us, or email us if you got questions.

Ammo is getting more readily available. Though prices are still high, availability is improving. Pricing may not change for the better for awhile due to inflation and fuel prices. We hope to see you soon, be safe!

Here is some of what we got;

Handgun ammo- Fiocchi 32acp 73gr FMJ; PMC 380acp 90gr FMJ; PMC 9mm 115gr FMJ; Fiocchi 9mm 115gr FMJ; Sierra 9mm 115gr JHP, CCI 9mm #4 shotshell; PMC 38spl 132gr FMJ, Hornady 40s&w 175gr Critical Duty, PMC 40s&w 180gr FMJ; CCI 40s&w #9 shotshell; Federal 10mm 180gr JSP; Winchester 41rem/mag 175gr HP; Hornady 44-40win 205gr Cowboy; PMC 45acp 230gr FMJ;

Shotgun ammo- Magtech 20ga 2 3/4″ TTT 26pellets; Winchester 12ga 2 3/4″ 00buck; Winchester 12ga 2 3/4″ #4buck; Winchester 12ga 3 1/2″ #4 shot turkey load.

Rifle ammo- Hornady 204ruger 40gr V-max; Hornady 222rem 40gr v-max; PMC 223rem 55gr FMJ; Fiocchi 223rem 55gr FMJ; Winchester 223rem 38gr Varmit; Hornady 22-250 50gr V-max; S&B 6.5x57R 131gr SP; Norma 243win 100gr SP; Hornady 6.8mmSPC 120gr SST; American Eagle 6.8mmSPC 115gr FMJ; Winchester 300blk 125 HP; Armscorp 7.62x51mm FMJ M80; Federal 308win 150gr JSP; PMC 308win 150gr SP; Norma 30-06 150gr SP; Winchester 325wsm 180gr Ballistic Tip; Federal 338federal 200gr SP.

Firearms- Ruger SR1911 Commander Light-Weight 4″ 45acp NIB; Springfield XD 4″ 45acp used; S&W mod624 44spl 2.5″ SS Lew Horton Edt with ammo and holster used; PSA Dagger complete lower frames.

Misc- Magpul P-mags, Ruger mags, Wilson Combat mags, various Ar15 parts & pistol parts and accessories.

All is well for now, health wise. We are back to our normal business hours. Tuesday and Thursday 9am-5pm, OPEN. All other days and times are by appointment. Appointments can be made by text message or by email. Closed on Sundays and holidays.

Thank you for your support, well wishes and understanding.

Happy New Year. I hope every one had a wonderful Christmas and we are hoping 2022 will be a hell of a lot better than the past 2 years.

Currently I am dealing with some health issues that seriously limit my mobility and ability. It is being addressed and takes time. We hope to have the health issue resolved soon.

Until further notice, Dixie Triggers will be only to operate on a limited by APPOINTMENT ONLY basis. You may schedule an appointment by text message to 912-754-1587 or by email (

I am a 1 person shop an currently don’t have anyone qualified that is regularly available.

I regret any inconvenience this may cause and apologize for the situation.

Thank you for your patronage, loyalty, understanding and patience.

Hunting season in the Southeast is very close. Many of you are having difficulty finding the game loads you prefer to use in your rifle or shotgun. Things have not improved dramatically over the summer. Though some calibers are slowly returning the broad availability of bullet type or bullet grain weight are still limited and usually only among main line calibers. Remington is back in production under Vista ownership. There have been been rumors the Cor-Lokt is suppose to be in full production. We have yet seen the availability at the supplier level as with most ammo. The are many retailers on-line that do have a limited availability of ammo, but still seems pricey in our opinion. The laws of supply and demand are still in full force.

Look around it can be found, but let us all be smart about the quantities we purchase. Purchase what you need for the season. The sooner we decrease the excessive demands the sooner the selection and availability will get better and the sooner the prices will lower to a more realistic budget.

Its has been crazy since February of 2020, Covid-19, Civil unrest, Elections and list goes on. The series of events that are occurring are having a significant negative impact in the Firearms business in the country. Guns and ammo are difficult to find and prices are greatly inflated. We will do our best to assist everyone in trying to find the product they are searching for at the best price possible. We appreciate all of the customer loyalty and business.

We are back to normal business hours; Tuesday/Thursday 9am-5pm, OPEN. All other days 9am-5pm, by APPOINTMENT. Closed on Sundays and Holidays. Saturday appointments are $35.00 minimum fee. Appointments can be made by email ( or by text message to 912-754-1587.

Dixie Triggers chose not renew our SOT. Effective July 1, 2021 we are no longer a Class-3 dealer and cannot sell NFA items (subject to change in the future depending upon demand).

Credit Card service providers have been doing a lot to increase fees for services to dealers and to the customers and decreased the quality of service. Effective July 1,2021 we no longer accept credit/debit cards. All services & sales will be paid in cash or check.

We regret to announce that our Gunsmith has moved out of state. We will continue doing armorer work, minor repairs and limited cleaning, but are unable to provide major gun-smith repairing, barrel threading, restorations and the like as of yet.

Dixie Triggers and Eden Gun Works’ holiday hours are as follows:

Closed the week of Thanksgiving (November 23rd – 28th)

Open for appointments November 30th through December 22nd

Closed for Christmas, inventory, and New Years December 23rd through January 4th.

Do not forget to vote for the Senate run off election on January 5th.

This shop supports Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in their elections to continue to be Georgia’s Senators. These two people best represent the values and morals of the citizens of the state of Georgia and will best represent us in the national government. The runoff election on January 5th may decide which party controls the US Senate and has attracted the interest of people across the country. Money from outside the state is flowing in from people who would use Georgia to push agendas not in line with Georgia values.

During the final year of the Obama administration a push was made to use the State Department instead of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms to set the definition of firearms manufacturing. This change, if it had not been revoked by the Trump administration, would have made the gunsmithing operations of this shop subject to business killing and overly burdensome regulation by an agency that has no business overseeing domestic firearm work.

If you support either Democrat candidate Jon Ossof or Rafael Warnock to represent the state of Georgia in the Senate, you are supporting regulations and ideas that would shut down this business and should find another firearms shop to do business with. If you do not plan to vote in the runoff or plan to vote for candidates other than Kelly Loeffler or David Perdue, we request that you wait until after the runoff election to conduct business with us.

The firearms industry has been very busy! Availability has not returned. If you are looking for handguns, tactical rifles, or anything home defense we are having a very difficult time locating it. Ammunition for those types of firearms is likewise very scarce.

There has been a spike in Effingham County and surrounding areas of new Covid-19 infections. We at Dixie Triggers are trying to do our best to keep everyone safe and healthy. From now until further notice we will be wearing face coverings and we will be requiring customers to wear face coverings. For more information on what to wear and how to ear it please see the CDC’s website here:

Wearing a face covering is an easy way to help keep others in the community safer. Coronavirus is still a threat to our community and we are paying close attention to how that fight is progressing. We pray that everyone stays safe and healthy.