Normal Operations and Changes to services

Its has been crazy since February of 2020, Covid-19, Civil unrest, Elections and list goes on. The series of events that are occurring are having a significant negative impact in the Firearms business in the country. Guns and ammo are difficult to find and prices are greatly inflated. We will do our best to assist everyone in trying to find the product they are searching for at the best price possible. We appreciate all of the customer loyalty and business.

We are back to normal business hours; Tuesday/Thursday 9am-5pm, OPEN. All other days 9am-5pm, by APPOINTMENT. Closed on Sundays and Holidays. Saturday appointments are $35.00 minimum fee. Appointments can be made by email ( or by text message to 912-754-1587.

Dixie Triggers chose not renew our SOT. Effective July 1, 2021 we are no longer a Class-3 dealer and cannot sell NFA items (subject to change in the future depending upon demand).

Credit Card service providers have been doing a lot to increase fees for services to dealers and to the customers and decreased the quality of service. Effective July 1,2021 we no longer accept credit/debit cards. All services & sales will be paid in cash or check.

We regret to announce that our Gunsmith has moved out of state. We will continue doing armorer work, minor repairs and limited cleaning, but are unable to provide major gun-smith repairing, barrel threading, restorations and the like as of yet.

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