Hunting Season

Hunting season in the Southeast is very close. Many of you are having difficulty finding the game loads you prefer to use in your rifle or shotgun. Things have not improved dramatically over the summer. Though some calibers are slowly returning the broad availability of bullet type or bullet grain weight are still limited and usually only among main line calibers. Remington is back in production under Vista ownership. There have been been rumors the Cor-Lokt is suppose to be in full production. We have yet seen the availability at the supplier level as with most ammo. The are many retailers on-line that do have a limited availability of ammo, but still seems pricey in our opinion. The laws of supply and demand are still in full force.

Look around it can be found, but let us all be smart about the quantities we purchase. Purchase what you need for the season. The sooner we decrease the excessive demands the sooner the selection and availability will get better and the sooner the prices will lower to a more realistic budget.

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