We got ammo!

Ammo is getting more readily available. Though prices are still high, availability is improving. Pricing may not change for the better for awhile due to inflation and fuel prices. We hope to see you soon, be safe!

Here is some of what we got;

Handgun ammo- Fiocchi 32acp 73gr FMJ; PMC 380acp 90gr FMJ; PMC 9mm 115gr FMJ; Fiocchi 9mm 115gr FMJ; Sierra 9mm 115gr JHP, CCI 9mm #4 shotshell; PMC 38spl 132gr FMJ, Hornady 40s&w 175gr Critical Duty, PMC 40s&w 180gr FMJ; CCI 40s&w #9 shotshell; Federal 10mm 180gr JSP; Winchester 41rem/mag 175gr HP; Hornady 44-40win 205gr Cowboy; PMC 45acp 230gr FMJ;

Shotgun ammo- Magtech 20ga 2 3/4″ TTT 26pellets; Winchester 12ga 2 3/4″ 00buck; Winchester 12ga 2 3/4″ #4buck; Winchester 12ga 3 1/2″ #4 shot turkey load.

Rifle ammo- Hornady 204ruger 40gr V-max; Hornady 222rem 40gr v-max; PMC 223rem 55gr FMJ; Fiocchi 223rem 55gr FMJ; Winchester 223rem 38gr Varmit; Hornady 22-250 50gr V-max; S&B 6.5x57R 131gr SP; Norma 243win 100gr SP; Hornady 6.8mmSPC 120gr SST; American Eagle 6.8mmSPC 115gr FMJ; Winchester 300blk 125 HP; Armscorp 7.62x51mm FMJ M80; Federal 308win 150gr JSP; PMC 308win 150gr SP; Norma 30-06 150gr SP; Winchester 325wsm 180gr Ballistic Tip; Federal 338federal 200gr SP.

Firearms- Ruger SR1911 Commander Light-Weight 4″ 45acp NIB; Springfield XD 4″ 45acp used; S&W mod624 44spl 2.5″ SS Lew Horton Edt with ammo and holster used; PSA Dagger complete lower frames.

Misc- Magpul P-mags, Ruger mags, Wilson Combat mags, various Ar15 parts & pistol parts and accessories.

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