Temporary suspension

On April 6th Dixie Triggers and Eden Gun Works temporarily suspended operations due to the spike in new COVID-19 cases. After careful consideration we have decided to keep the shop in a suspended status one more week.

Starting Tuesday, April 21st we are planning to return to by appointment only. We will be giving priority to those customers that had business with us interrupted by the temporary suspension.

Please remember that appointments must be made in advance and will only be made for customers with real business. Customers are expected to practice good personal hygiene as directed by the CDC, and may be subject to screening at the shop.

Dixie Triggers and Eden Gun Works reserve the right to close at any time, or cancel any pending appointments, should we feel that the safety of us, our families, or the community require this.

We hope and pray everyone stays safe. If you have any questions please feel free to email Spanky@dixietriggers.com or call or text the shop phone at 912-754-1587.

Updated Tuesday, April 14th.

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