NICS Checks Hiccups

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is the system implemented by the Brady Act that Federally Licensed Firearms dealers use to run the background checks on firearms purchases. This system is run by the FBI. Over the past few years the number of checks run through this system has increased to the point where single events can cause problems.

With the COVID-19 outbreak causing shelter in place orders around the country, and the spike in firearms purchases in response, it has been difficult for Dixie Triggers to run background checks in a timely fashion. We have been unable to contact NICS in several cases, and have had to schedule follow-up appointments on a later day to complete the transaction.

Dixie Triggers, as a Federally licensed dealer, is required to follow the law as listed in the Brady Act. We have no control over the management or operations of FBI NICS.

Dixie Triggers strongly encourages all customers get their Georgia Weapons Carry License (WCL). (Unfortunately at this time all new WCL applications cannot be made as the Probate Courts that issue such licenses are closed due to the virus.) We are allowed to bypass the background check requirement for customers with a valid Georgia WCL. If we need to run a background check please understand that it may take days or weeks to complete the sale or transfer.

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